TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter

TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
PRODUCT_NAME : TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
Product Name : TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter
Brand : TITAN
Transport : 30 meters - 80 meters wind blade
Load capacity : 18 tons wind blade
Operation : remote control

TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter 

TITAN designs and produce Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter to tranpsport 30 meter to 80 meters Rotor blade, the Rotor Blade Adapter is specially for steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads, and the rotor balde adapter can avoid obstacles such as the trees, buliding or limited spece, After Mounting on platform trailers, rotor blades can be picked up and positioned at an angle of up to 60°, pivoted as well as rotated around their owen axis. With the TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter, the rotor blades can be securely picked up and maneuvered around any obstacle,that is the easily, safely and efficiencly way to transport the rotor blades for customers.


According to different road conditions and load requirements, TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter can be mounted and transported on both on a pulled platform trailer combination as well as module trailer, and self propelled modules.

Main Features - TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter


  • Max rotation angle of the rotor balde 360°

  • Angle of inclination up to 60°

  • Radio remote control with display of wind speed, transverse gradient, blade position, ballast position.

  • The height of trailer platform can be 500mm to 1000mm 

TITAN professinoal engineering team will be ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meets your transportation needs and also your local regulartions. TITAN engineering team can communicate with you online to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the product design, product material, product drawings, product videos.


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